Francie's Story ... Why We Need Your Support

This story, which first appeared on the Norfolk Animal Care Center's Facebook page, illustrates why we raise money and support for the Center -- from Dogs Gone Swimming to cookbook sales and more, when you make a donation, this is how you help make a difference.


We've named this adorable little dog "Francie." We don't know what she may have been previously called, or anything about her past, because she came to the Norfolk Animal Care Center as a stray several weeks ago. We believe she is around 10 years old. While we normally prefer an upbeat and positive Facebook page, we would also like for you to occasionally know about the cases that tear at our hearts.


When Francie arrived at our door, she was riddled with more fleas than we've ever seen on any animal, particularly one so diminutive in size. She was severely anemic from the blood-loss associated with so many fleas feeding on her. Francie also suffers from advanced and untreated glaucoma, and so, she is scheduled to have both eyes removed this week. The dental care that is badly needed will have to wait until her body recovers from the ‘bi-lateral enucleation’ of both eyes. It also needs to be determined if she

was previously spayed. Despite the immense and ongoing discomfort this dog has experienced, her joy of life and happiness when with her favorite people is boundless. She makes all of us smile when we hang out with her. She is truly the life of the party.

Without your participation in events and ongoing financial support to Friends of NACC, we wouldn’t be able to afford the $600-$1000 medical bill to help Francie, or the many other animals at the Norfolk Animal Care Center that also need extra care.


When Francie is ready for her new home, her adoption fee will be half-price, thanks once again to Friends of NACC for sponsoring our Golden Paws Senior Adoption Program. We’d surely appreciate any help you can offer to the nearly 6,000 animals hosted at our shelter each year. We know Francie is certainly grateful. Please consider making a contribution, however large or small to Friends. It will do somebody a whole lot of good!

Update to Francie's Story!

Oh happy day! Our Francie is going home! She couldn't have found a better forever home than with the Branhams, who are serial adopters. Have a wonderful life Francie! We send you with all our love!

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