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Our cookbook features tasty recipes and profiles of special animals who are part of the NACC family. Filled with 250 recipes including favorites from Hampton Roads’ top chefs and notable citizens, the book has something for everyone – even the family pet in the "Tail Waggin’ Treat" section.


Between the covers of the Sit Stay Eat cookbook, you'll find delicious dishes and powerful pet profiles.  The stories featured in these pages reflect the programs and success of NACC and the work you help support with your cookbook purchase. To give you a taste of our heartwarming stories and great programs, check out this sampler of pet profiles and meet a few of our special stars.

Meet Some of the Stars of "Sit Stay Eat" Cookbook

Forrest -- Three-legged pit bull pup becomes the unlikely, but perfect, playmate for troubled Tessie.

When Neala came to NACC looking for a doggie companion, she never imagined she'd be taking home a three-legged pit bull puppy.


Forrest was just a puppy when he arrived at the shelter in the fall of 2013. His right front leg was fractured so severely it had to be amputated. While Forrest was recuperating from surgery, Neala's family was searching to find the perfect playmate for their dog Tessie.

Tessie was a tough dog to match. While an easy-going companion to her human family, Tess was always in "challenge mode" around other dogs, and it had become problematic. Neala hoped the right dog could help socialize their petulant pooch. They made many trips to NACC, trying Tessie with different shelter dogs without success, until they met Forrest -- a grinning pup

with beautiful grey-green eyes.


To Neala's surprise, Tess took to him right away, and they have been best pals ever since. She says despite the missing leg, he is an agile, fun and playful "love-puppy."


She credits his successful recovery to NACC employees and volunteers. "Our job of training Forrest was more than half-way done, thanks to the structure and love he received at NACC. We are so thrilled to have him -- he's part of the family and this is certainly his forever home. Thanks NACC for bringing so much joy into our lives!"

Joi--A standing ovation to the staff, veterinarians and adoptive family for their dedication in getting Joi back on her feet.


When Joi arrived at the shelter, a spinal injury had rendered her hind legs useless. She walked on her front legs, dragging her hindquarters behind her. Unsure whether she would ever live a normal life, staff made a plan to get Joi back on all four feet.

The tough tabby endured weeks of chiropractic adjustments and daily manual stretching of her neck and back by the shelter's veterinarian as well as medications, a special diet, and even

acupuncture. NACC staff member Jamie says Joi never lashed out in frustration. "She approached everything with a grace and patience that humans could only hope to replicate."


It was worth it when Joi took her first wobbly, deer-like steps. "The only appropriate word to describe it was 'Joy'."That joy was shared on Facebook, where her journey to recovery inspired a Virginia Beach physical therapist to come and meet this amazing cat. Alison brought Joi home that same day. For weeks after her adoption, Alison kept up with Joi's physical therapy exercises, and she continued to heal.


A year later, Alison says that while Joi still has a slight wobble to her gait, she has recovered full use of her hind legs and can even jump like any cat. Joi is a true NACC success story and a treasured member of the family.

Sebastian, Captain & Pepper--The captivating charm and chatter of this exotic trio provided an entertaining respite for NACC staff and volunteers.

In 2012, Sebastian, Captain and Pepper arrived at NACC along with three dogs and four cats, the result of a cruelty investigation.

Norfolk Animal Care Center houses animals in partnership with the city’s Animal Protection Unit. Many animals are sheltered for days or even months until cases are resolved. NACC must find a way to accommodate them all, even the feathered variety. Having no suitable kennel space for

exotic birds, cages were incorporated into the shelter’s office spaces. This arrangement made the trio quite popular among staff and volunteers alike due to their raucous chatter and distinct personalities.


The macaws, Captain and Pepper, were adopted by two friends. Captain lives with long-time NACC volunteer, Missy, and Pepper is the pampered pet of her dear friend, Mimi. Both birds are thriving in their new homes.


Sebastian, a cockatoo with a penchant for biting and shouting expletives, took a bit longer.  As it turned out, he was already at home. NACC director Barb, made his adoption official in 2013. She even says though “Seb” swears like a longshoreman, he occasionally throws in some G-rated things too. “Hi Baby” and “What?” are among his favorites.

Petunia -- This prim little piggy found her way into two loving homes thanks to the care of two best friends.


Dogs and cats are the typical clientele at the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center, but smaller animals, even those of the farmland variety, also make their way to NACC's doors.


When Petunia was surrendered, her adorable looks and charming grunts quickly enchanted all who met her. Staff shared her photos on Facebook, cautioning fans that she needed a home in a community allowing mini-pigs.


Meredith fell in love with Petunia the moment she saw her pictures. "Living on 15 acres in the country, I knew I could provide her with the love and atmosphere she needed." Her best friend, Gina, who owns a neighboring farm, felt the same way. While Meredith is Petunia's official adopter, Gina is also vested in this perfect pig's life, who enjoys the love and adoration of both families.


Shelter staff couldn't have asked for a better match for this little piggy. Petunia now struts back and forth between the two farms, visiting her many new friends -- the goats on both properties. When Petunia isn't with the goats or playing with Gina's daughter, she can be seen following her human friends around both properties. Meredith says, "She's just like a dog, waiting for a sweet snack."


Sharing the pig has been a delight said Meredith . "We definitely made the right decision, Petunia fits right in with both families."

Chloe and Misty -- Home for the Holidays! Golden Girls Chloe and Misty stay united and find their forever home.


Chloe and Misty's adoption was the highlight of the 2013 holiday season. The seniors had been surrendered from the same home in October, and staff hoped to keep them together. Older animals often are more challenging to place, but these two were eligible for the Golden Paws and Best Buds programs. Golden Paws reduces adoption fees for seniors while Best Buds provides a subsidized 2-for-1 fee for bonded pairs.


It would be a long six weeks before fate intervened.


Kathy came to the shelter in early December determined to adopt. She had become an "empty nester" the past fall when her daughter, Caitlin, went off to college. Shortly after that, she lost her own dog, Sarah.  After looking at several dogs, she spotted Chloe and Misty lying together in a large kennel and inquired about them. Moved by their story, she brought her daughter to meet the dogs the next day. Mother and daughter both agreed to give our Golden Girls a second chance.


Kathy says they have settled nicely into their new home. "The ladies play together like no dogs I've ever seen. NACC's decision not to split them up was an excellent call." She hopes other adopters will open their hearts to older animals. "I had lots of comments about what a great thing I did, taking on two larger, older dogs from NACC. My answer: I didn't adopt them for 'them.' I adopted them for me."

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