About Friends of NACC

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Celebrating over a decade of success, looking forward to a future of positive impact.

In 2005, a small group of caring citizens banded together with the goal of providing additional medical care for animals in Norfolk’s City Shelter. Thus the Medical Fund for animals was born, spurred by a $750 donation.


This small group lit a spark, encouraging more citizens to get involved and to identify additional ways they could help the city’s homeless pets. 

Financial support expanded, participation grew, and in 2008 the organization’s name was changed to Friends of the Norfolk Animal Care Center.

This evolution signaled broader growth as sponsored programs increased to include not only medical support, but also funding of adoption programs, sponsoring spay/neuter programs, promoting adoption and rescue, and much more.

From the initial six-member Board, Friends has grown to become a 14-member Board with a network of hundreds of volunteers and growing financial resources. The original $750 donation has advanced into an operating budget of nearly $100,000, with all proceeds benefiting the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center and community.

But never doubt that the seeds of the early, small start continue to bloom in today’s organization. Friends continues to be a 100% volunteer effort determined to support the staff of Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center and maximize their resources in an effort to provide loving care, safe shelter and forever homes for animals.

While the City of Norfolk provides for the basics—housing, feeding and initial vaccinations, much more help is needed to prepare and place these pets in good homes. That's where Friends of NACC, as a nonprofit 501(c) 3, comes in.

Many animals arrive injured, neglected and mistreated. Our additional support enables staff to give the extra care and attention these animals need. Funds raised are used to market and advertise the shelter's programs, sponsor special adoption events, underwrite a foster program for the most vulnerable, fund medical procedures, support improvements to the shelter, facilities and housing, educate the public about responsible pet ownership, and promote spay/neuter in the community.

A 2015 letter of commendation from former Norfolk City Manager, Marcus Jones, underscores the impact of this dedicated partnership:

"The City of Norfolk recognizes the vital contribution that the Friends of Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center makes to growing and furthering the mission of the Norfolk Animal Care Center. The work you do, the time and energy you contribute, and the knowledge and skills you share improves shelter services for the community…We are proud to partner with you in all that do for the city’s shelter. The hard work of your board and volunteers is a great complement to the dedication of city staff – thank you.”


Together, the staff of Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center and the volunteers of Friends strive together to bring a happy outcome for all of Norfolk's shelter animals. To learn more about our programs – including special adoption programs for senior pets, medical care, and fundraisers – and how you can help, click here.

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As Chair of the Friends of the Norfolk Animal Care Center Board, I would like to share with you our Annual Report for 2020. We have been building our resources and community outreach over the last several years and are proud of our ability to contribute to the community and to permanently affect the lives of many needy animals in Norfolk.


Please take a look at what we are doing.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support to the Norfolk Animal Care Center,

Anne Odell, Chair

Friends of the Norfolk Animal Care Center


2020 Annual Report

Meet the Board of Directors



Anne first joined the Friends of the Animal Care Center Board as Assistant City Manager in Norfolk to offer support and guidance through some issues about ten years ago. She served as Secretary for three years before becoming Chair in 2016 and continuing as chair through 2020.

The FNACC Board works as a team dedicated to its mission: To support the Norfolk Animal Care Center in sheltering and caring for Norfolk’s stray and homeless animals, to promote and facilitate adoptions, to assist with special needs medical care, to promote and support spay/neuter in the community and to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

As Chair, her focus is on conducting the business of FNACC through actions such as conducting business meetings, implementing adopted policies and procedures, conducting online voting, and ensuring we develop and monitor our budget to benefit the animals at NACC. Other responsibilities are working with the attorney on legal documents, representing FNACC in the community, and collaborating closely with the Manager of NACC. Fundraising activities are a focus of all Board members and an opportunity for fun while raising the funds to support the animals in the shelter.

Anne’s life has included many pets: tropical fish, flying squirrel, snakes, bunnies, rats, dogs, and most of all, cats which have been family members since childhood. Presently, Holly and Grayson are adopted strays, and Sam she inherited from her father who had adopted Sam as a stray.


Secretary & Marketing/Event Coordinator

Five years ago, I started walking dogs once a week as a volunteer at Norfolk Animal Care Center. I saw how hard the staff worked to keep the place clean, and how much they cared for all the animals. I started signing up to volunteer for some of the fundraising events that the Friends of NACC implemented. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed being around those folks. I was then asked to apply to be on the board as a marketing/event coordinator.

I learned a great deal from fellow board members who really paved the way for successful fundraising events. As Secretary & Marketing/Event Coordinator I work with other board members to implement fundraising events (only virtual events these days) and promote Friends of NACC to the public. My goal is to create awareness for all the great things the shelter does, promote fundraising for the animals with special medical needs, and publicize where those funds get spent/show examples.

There are a lot of nice people that work, volunteer, and donate to the Norfolk Animal Care Center. You really get to see the kindness of others. I would encourage anyone to consider volunteering here in any way they can.



Bob has participated on the Friends Board for over 10 years. In that 10 years he has adopted from the shelter 3 cats, 2 dogs and has been tempted by many others.Bob came to the Board while serving as the PR Manager for the City of Norfolk with an interest in building a comprehensive strategy to increase the adoption rate of Norfolk Shelter Animals. He created the first marketing committee which consisted of 3 people having dinner at a restaurant. Since Bob gave up the chair of the committee, the committee has grown to over 20 enthusiastic souls that are committed to doing whatever it takes to tell the story, find adopters and raise money for the cause. His role today is to listen, connect advocates and pursue the most effective way to serve our future companions for life, the adoptable shelter animal.



Hard Rock musician, Entrepreneur, Animal Rights Activist, Vegan and self-described ”Coffaholic”. I have done many amazingly cool things such as build custom motorcycles, toured the states playing music, rescued animals and spread wildlife / environmental protection values as well as plant based lifestyles. I am at home organizing special events, fundraising, networking, interacting on social media and applying years of communication & marketing skills towards an ever changing digital landscape. I currently volunteer for Norfolk Animal Care Center, Conflict Awareness Project, Aartwork Org and own/operate Blakhart Guitars & Coffee.





Nicole recently joined FNACC, but her love of the organization began nine years ago. She had walked into NACC with a broken heart after losing her 12-year-old beagle, Max. There she and her husband, Dan, fell in love with Ruby, who was the first of two NACC alumni that they have owned. Later, they opened their home to Chico, a Senior pup from NACC, to enjoy the golden years of his life with a loving family.

Nicole has over 17 years in nonprofit fundraising and looks forward to putting her talents to work for FNACC. She will lead the Give Local 757 campaign in hopes of reaching new milestones for animals in need. As a lifelong native, Hampton Roads is home for Nicole. She enjoys walking, running or just relaxing with her husband, son (Stephen), dogs (Ruby & Frisco), cat (Stella) and the guinea pig (Fancy).

Megan Caramore



Vice Chair

As the FNACC Vice Chair my primary focus is to support Friends mission by ensuring that certain administrative tasks for the organization are completed in a timely manner, including grant writing/reporting. Because we are a completely volunteer-run organization, I ensure that our registrations to the Virginia Commonwealth’s State Corporation Commission and to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services are up to date. I also assist in our fundraising efforts by writing our annual applications to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), Combined Virginia Campaign (CVC) and the Combined Charities Campaign (CCC). In addition, when private grant applications are open and there is a need at Norfolk Animal Care & Adoption Center, I work to write the grant application and, if we are successful, make sure the reports are written and submitted on time. I enjoy my board service for Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center because it allows me to put my passion for animal welfare and my 25 years of nonprofit management and fundraising experience together to help a very worthy cause.



Chris has been a member of Friends for a little over 2 years. He started out as a volunteer with NACC helping with cat socialization and then on to Petco to assist with cat adoptions. Chris currently keeps the Friends website up to date and assists with the various fundraisers throughout the year.

He has two adopted cats: Aria who came from the Virginia Beach SPCA and Reecee who was adopted from NACC. Both are big brats but definitely provide a lot of entertainment during these past few months.



As the FNACC Community Services Committee chairperson my primary focus is to support Friends mission in promoting responsible pet ownership and affordable companion animal spay/neuter services. The first goal is accomplished through support of the Norfolk Animal Care Center Pet Pantry whose primary goal is to keep pets in their homes.  The Pet Pantry provides pet food for dogs and cats whose owners are in need of financial assistance in keeping their beloved pet companions fed.  My job is to ensure the Pantry is well stocked with adequate pet foods and to work with Jessica Guckert, NACC administrative assistant, to ensure that applications for such need are reviewed and processed.  As to community spay/neuters my job is to coordinate no cost spay/neuter surgery clinics in areas of Norfolk where such financial assistance is much appreciated. With the generous help of PETA, who provides the medical expertise in a mobile surgery van, 7-8 such no cost clinics are scheduled every year. Friends covers the surgery expense, rabies vaccination and microchip permanent identification implants for those dogs and cats in need of such services.  I am also proud to help FNACC in their fundraising efforts and events throughout the year, and to brainstorm with other board members on creative ways to complete our mission in helping Norfolk Animal Care Center provide medical care, shelter and love for the stray and homeless companion animals in our community.



I have been involved in the animal welfare world since 2014 when I started fostering dogs for a local non-profit rescue. In addition to fostering, I am involved in my community helping organize search parties for wayward dogs. In my own neighborhood, I've successfully helped over a dozen dogs get reunited with their families. I also regularly volunteer to provide transportation for dogs traveling through the area to their furever homes or other rescues out of state.

As a member of FNACC I am currently the Chairperson of the NACC Support Committee which means I oversee the portion of the budget we allocate towards expensive medical costs, adoption subsidies, supplies, and other various programs.

At home I have three dogs that allow me to live with them: Solace, a Norfolk SPCA alumni; Sabrina, foster #7 who became a Foster Fail; and Dobby, who I found as a puppy running through the mean streets of Fairmont Park.





Future Board Member


Your face could be here!! Do you have a passion for helping homeless animals? Do you have a skill or a talent that you could share in helping us meet our mission? If so, contact us for more information.