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Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center

MISSION — To support the Norfolk Animal Care Center in sheltering and caring for Norfolk’s stray and homeless animals, to promote and facilitate adoptions, to assist with special needs medical care, to promote and support spay/neuter in the community and to educate the public about responsible pet ownership. 


Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center (FNACC) gives Hampton Roads residents the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of homeless pets. We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit created to support the important work of the Norfolk Animal Care Center. Learn more about our mission, what we do, and the many ways you can help.

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A HUGE thank you to all our donors.  Because of your generosity and loyalty to our cause, we were able to exceed our goal of $10,000 for the animals at NACC.  

Your generosity allows us to continue to fund and subsidize the following important programs: Pet Adoptions, Golden Paws, NACC Fostering, Medical Assistance, Spay\Neuter Clinics, NACC Support and the Pet Pantry. Click here for more information on these and other programs.

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To Our fellow Animal Lovers

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Please be part of our shelter family and make a contribution this holiday season.

This holiday season and beyond, please remember Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center (FNACC), whose mission is to support the shelter animals at Norfolk Animal Care Center (NACC). Your generosity has helped thousands of shelter animals—like the ones seen here—receive life-saving medical care and find loving, forever homes.


Meet Brodie. She was found as a neonatal kitten,
suffering from shock due to losing half her leg. Though
we’ll never know the true cause of her life-threatening
injury, we are thankful our Humane Officer found her in
time to save her life.

Due to the severity of her injury, NACC staff quickly
transferred Brodie to an emergency veterinary hospital,
where she was stabilized and her wound was cleaned and
treated. Brodie then went into a foster home until she
was healthy and big enough to have the rest of her leg

Thanks to our generous donors, Friends of NACC wasable to provide Brodie the leg amputation she desperatelyneeded. After a full recovery, Brodie was adopted by theHumane Officer who rescued her.


Meet Maxwell.  Meet Maxwell. This adorable senior beagle mix was diagnosed with heartworm disease through a simple blood test given by NACC staff. Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease for dogs, cats and ferrets. Heartworms are actual worms that are spread by mosquitos and can grow up to 12 inches long, causing serious damage to the heart and lungs.

Maxwell went into an experienced foster home to undergo his heartworm treatment, fully funded by Friends of NACC. This incredibly sweet, well-trained, loving family dog blossomed under his foster’s care. Once he completed his treatments, he came back to the shelter.

Not long after he returned he left again, this time to go to his loving, forever home.

But Maxwell’s story doesn’t end there. His new parents love him so much and were so happy with their adoption experience, they came back to NACC and adopted a bonded pair of dogs, Ruby & Pepper, to be Maxwell’s new sisters!

We can’t thank you enough for your gift of a purring, licking, and snuggling life.

These stories are far from unique. Because of our generous donors, Friends of NACC has been able to help thousands of animals like these by providing all types of care. For example, $25 will cover the cost of one can of kitten formula; $75 will subsidize the adoption of a homeless dog; $125 will cover one of three rounds of a dog’s heartworm treatment; and $350 will pay for five senior diagnostic blood panels.

NACC's cupboard is getting a little bare!!

Do you have some spare unopened bags of cat and/or dog kibble? We are more than happy to take it! Our pet pantry has reached critical low levels with no available bags of dry food. Our pet pantry serves as a free resource to help those in need of temporary assistance feeding their pets.


Check here for quick access to our Amazon Wishlist:

Call: 757-441-5505 or Email: or Visit: 5585 Sabre Road Norfolk, Virginia 23502


The Board is pleased to share with you our Annual Report for 2021 which reviews our Mission-focused programs.


During 2020 and 2021, the years affected by covid, we adjusted our approaches to fund raising and serving the Animal Care Center. We continued our programs to care for Norfolk’s stray and homeless animals and also provided funds for improvements to the Center.  Our specific programs to support the animals are highlighted in the Annual Report. Our improvements to the Care Center included working with TowneBank to wrap the new mobile van, providing outside shades for the dogs’ play yards, purchasing a tag machine so lost pets could be identified and go home, providing pet waste stations throughout the property, purchasing chicken coops, obtaining a pressure washer and supporting staff appreciation events.


We are proud of our ability to contribute to the community and to permanently and positively affect the lives of many needy animals in Norfolk. We thank those who have provided support to us and welcome those who would like to volunteer to support our programs.


Friends of the Norfolk Animal Care Center Board


2021 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report Coming soon!

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